Friday, June 30, 2006

Some amazing photos here

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Blackhall Drainage Ditch

Went skating to Blackhall drainage ditch last night. Was easier to find than we thought, only got lost once on the way. (Think we ended up in Hartlepool's number one dogging spot!) To get there you need to do a pretty long downhill which was fun until Andy ran over his finger. The ditch was hard to skate, you had to dodge water and blood from Dan's nose to get a decent run up. There was loads of shit going on - Andy and Paul made a pretty big fire which was later extinguished by Kev's wee! Andy did some frolicking(?), me and Kev did some skating and Bing did some filming, oh yeah, Dan was like David Seaman, saving the boards from going in the water! Thanks to Bingo for the photos, I could lie and say I made that backside flip but I didn't. Big up Kev for shutting it down - That shit was TIGHT!

New Chocolate Boards at Mischief

Check out the new Chocolate boards over at Mischief Skate Store.

Friday, June 16, 2006


If you've got a mac and haven't got NewsFire yet you should download it now!!! CLICK HERE! RSS web feeds and podcasting are hot technologies, and NewsFire is even hotter. Packed with features, blindingly simple to use, and ground-breakingly elegant, NewsFire is the ultimate RSS experience for the Mac.

Hype Type Studio Blog

Check out the Hype Type Studio Blog!

Supply and Demand: The Art of Shepard Fairey

Since the book signing in London a few weeks ago Supply and Demand has finally arrived!!! This book is 350 pages, large format (9"x12") with a foil embossed cover. There are tons of images that have never been published as well as essays and interviews by Steven Heller, Carlo McCormick, Roger Gastman, Rob Walker and Helen Stickler. This is the definitive case study, art book, bible of Obey Giant.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mischief Northbound DVD

If you haven't seen this already get yourself down to Mischief Skate Store and buy one now! Skaters include: Kev Dawson, Danny Calow, Matt Quinney, Oliver Barnes, Ronny Calow, Peter Singh, Scott Palmer, Adam Stoddart, Neil Urwin and friends. Cover design and art direction by Hype Type Studio.

Obey Book Signing

A couple of weeks ago we visted London to see our friend Simon at Obey Clothing UK. Shepard Fairey was in town for 2 days taking in the sights and working on some installations.

There was a signing at Bond, Newburgh St, where Shepard brought 15 advance copies of his new comming book 'Supply and Demand'. This is a 390 page chronical of all things Shepard and Obey, it's huge, beautiful and you might need a new coffee table to hold the weight!!!

After the signing we moved on to a party in Broadwick street where Shepard showed off his DJ skills. (After being inspired by Z-Trip, Shepard has been DJ'ing in LA for 5 Years!!- check out Z-Trips 'Uneasy Listening' to see what got Shepard hooked).


Griff came over at the weekend and brought his new dog 'Milo'.