Monday, January 29, 2007

Bill Sullivan

Photographer, Bill Sullivan, took candid photos of people exiting NYC subway turnstiles. Sullivan outlines the standards for situational photography which capture unknown subway riders in a very standardized setting.

"I developed a situation so that various subjects could be defined by the constraints of exactly the same mechanical apparatus. The scenario consisted of someone passing through a subway turnstile. At the moment that the subjects passed through the turnstile, unknown to them, I took their picture stationed at a distance of eleven feet. I stood there turning pages of a magazine observing subjects out of the corner of my eye, waiting for only the moment when they pushed the turnstile bar to release the shutter".

Also capturing the determination to get home quickly, throw those new 24 inch mag wheels on your bike and ride.

Story from Razor Apple

Saturday, January 27, 2007

President of the USA 2008

The run for President has already started!!! You know who you should vote for!

Friday, January 26, 2007

New Mischief Tees

Mischief Skate Store have just received delivery of these Tees by French. If you're not in the area just mail order by calling 01642 608400

Getting In Touch with Your Inner Pollock

Get your Pollock on!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

DVS SP07 LUXE collection

DVS SP07 LUXE collection is a collection built on a foundation of timeless design. they have created a range of footwear and apparel with skateboarding roots and styling. This collection is enhanced by hand-picked materials and has a respect for color and detail.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Last Day in NY

Did some last minute shopping today, as well as going on the Circle Line Ferry. You get to see pretty much the whole city in a couple of hours!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Empire State Building

Went up the Empire State Building tonight. It was so windy at the top they wouldn't let you outside. Before they closed it I managed to get a few photos.

11 Spring Street

Was passing by 11 Spring Street today. Looking a bit worse for wear now. Would have been nice to see it in all its glory. Check the 11 Spring Street flickr pool for more images.

Nets-Knicks Game

Went to see the Nets-Knicks game last night! What looked like a blowout for New Jersey turned into a thriller. Clifford Robinson tipped in a missed shot with 2.8 seconds remaining, giving New Jersey a 101-100 victory over New York on Friday night in a game the Nets controlled most of the way and almost let get away. We were lucky enough to have some seats only 2 rows back from the players/staff etc. It was cool to see Edward Burns, Jay-Z, Bobbito Garcia and Evan Handler (not pictured).

Friday, January 19, 2007

Nets-Knicks Preview

Going to the Nets-Knicks game tonight! I've got to back up the home team being an out-of-towner. Good luck to jay-z (co-owner of the New Jersey Nets) and beyonce though. "If you're havin' BBall problems i feel bad for you son I got 99 problems but BBall ain't one"

Preview and live update here!

Snow in the park!

Walked up to Central Park, lots of squirrels and snow!!! Saw loads of cool stuff on the way!

American Museum of Natural History

Went to the American Museum of Natural History. It was cool apart from when we got lost in the minerals section, it was like a maze! The crystal maze actually! Minerals are not that exciting! Dinosaurs were sweet though! Check out the view of the city from here - NICE!

Apple Store NYC

Check out the Apple store on 5th Ave! Super tech! They even email you with your receipt. No sign of the iPhone though!