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Martin Clothing - Fall 2009 Preview

Since we first discovered Martin Clothing a while back, we have been anticipating more news and releases from the San Francisco-based cycling inspired clothing brand. So, imagine our excitement with Martin Clothing’s Fall 09 preview. The few sneak peeks we’ve seen did not let us down– the brand did stay true to its dedication to the cycling culture and has incorporated related innovative details into its clothing.

Some of the interesting details we’ve seen includes hidden elastic pulls in sleeve cuffs which allows sleeves to stay rolled up and taut when the wearer is riding. The collection’s pants are also reinforced so withstand friction incured during cycling. The best part about these garments is that the simple designs and fitted silhouettes make them impossible to tell apart from regular clothing.


MASH x Cinelli Setup

Low flange phils laced to open pros, suntour cranks and pedals, cinelli bar and stem, vittoria tires, thompson post, san marco saddle, toshi straps...


Eames DAW Chair


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COURIER COLLECTION - The Courier Collection is a set of premium messenger bags designed for the bike messenger community. The aim for the packaging was to connect the consumer with a familiar yet sophisticated format that was appropriate for the product it enclosed. The contrast between the rawness of the “package” motif and the refined details like the string and button tie closure communicates a sense of rugged refinement.


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Ricoh GR Lens!

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