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I got a new domain name for Christmas! Thanks Sam! My old blogspot domain still works too, so you don't have to change any settings...

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MASH SF 05 Honda Big Ruckus 250

"We Have a new follow vehicle for 09. 05 Honda big ruckus 250. This is a much safer version then our last scooter. Brad at nemesis projects got it powder coated with a glow in the dark clear. It looks close to stock, but not on the inside. It’s quiet and it rips. We are working on a pace roller for the back, and some camera storage. Looking forward to getting this thang out!"


Giro... for sale?

Giro 51cm ctc
Hatta BB
Hatta headset
Dura-ace hubs, cranks & chainring
Deep V's
Custom coloured hubs
Nitto gunmetal jaguar seatpin
nito bars and stem
blah, blah blah!

Via:'s photostream

Macaframa Inspired Dolly


“Twin Peaks” Dunk SB High Premium

This sneaker was inspired by the early 90’s television series Twin Peaks. Featured is a black upper with bright green contrast stitching, red inner lining and a translucent sole.

Available here soon...


eBay and the Brain

"LEHRER: What can eBay teach us about human irrationality?

UBEL: eBay auctions help reveal the rational and irrational forces driving consumer behavior. People are often quite rational, after all. Raise the price of a t-shirt and, generally, fewer people will buy it. Reduce the quality of a good, and you better reduce its price, too!

But behavioral economists have analyzed eBay data to help identify some ways that consumers act irrationally. Offer a really low price for opening bids, a price everyone knows won’t be the final selling price, and you nonetheless lure some consumers into making an initial bid. That increases the number of people bidding on the product, which makes it look more attractive, thereby generating even more bids. And then bidders, who knew the price would rise from their initial bids, get emotionally attached to the product, and keep raising their offers.

Now you know why it makes sense to tell people that bids for that Picasso hanging in your living room can start at $5!"


Crank Sinatra

Thanks for the email Joachim!

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Illustration PSD

Eddie posted this up over at - Will come in handy when planning your new build!

"I am providing you all with an illustration that will help you manipulate the colours and components of your bike. The (Photoshop PSD) file attached simply includes layers of most common bits for your bike which you can add or remove from your build and change them to any colour you like. With basic knowledge of any program that uses layers, it is just a case of a few minutes work to get the look you want."

Download here...

Apple Camera...




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Aerospokes at Brick Lane Bikes

Back in stock at BLB - Many colours, front and rear. Available now.


Samantha Hart Photography


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Epicly Later'd Volume 1...

Epicly Later'd is shot as a day-in-the-life mini documentary. delving into the strange yet engrossing worlds of pro skaters around their peers. Never before has the world seen a bigger collection of screw-ups, weirdos, and all-around epic people. With the online skateboarding community inundated with an endless stream of self-promotion and tricks, Epicly Later'd fills the video void for quality production that focuses on the roots, history, and characters of the increasingly relevant culture.

This two-disc set includes episodes with Dustin Dollin, Jason Dill, Kevin Long, Heath Kirchart, Mark Gonzales, Christian Hosoi, Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Jim Greco, and much more.

You can buy it here...

I'm sure it will be available in the UK soon...


Vans x Gabe Morford “S”