Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The World's Top Brands

Can you make an impact with just a symbol? Yes. This may over simplify the process, but the attractive representation marketed through symbols and brands has provided consumers with the ability to purchase context for their various lifestyles. Do you want to be cool? Buy this T-shirt. Do you want to look smart and motivated? Drink this coffee. Do you want to appear affluent yet edgy? Buy this SUV.

Recently the media has shifted its focus on the industry of branding, cool-hunting, trend-spotting and all the other ways to predict the next cash cow. To many, this may feel like a new industry, but in reality it's one that has been around since the emperor had no clothes. Business Week recently ranked the worlds Top 100 Brands. Check them out below.

View the World's Top 100 Brands by Business Week HERE

Nike come in at No. 31!

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