Thursday, April 12, 2007

Obey DJ A-Trak Mix CD at

I mentioned this a while back - Now it's available at for just £12.00

They are very limited so get one while you still can!

Music is a huge influence in the design and overall aesthetic of OBEY Giant and Obey Clothing since it's inception in 1989. OBEY has now released it's fourth mixtape installment featuring DJ A-Trak, 5 time DMC World champion and currently Kanye West's tour DJ. With this launch, OBEY's mixtape series continue to build it's own musical catalog with tastemakers around the world.

A-Trak was already familiar with OBEY's mixtape series, so when he told prolific street artist Shepard Fairey about a new project he had started, which was a collection of remixes, blending new electro tracks with crunk/rap acapellas and added production, it felt like the perfect fit. When Shepard heard A-Trak's concept, it seemed like a great opportunity to mix up a couple of visual styles in the same spirit as the music. Shepard pulled from A-Trak's love of subversive animals and poppy colours and mixed it with an electro/disco version of his iconic OBEY aesthetics. The result is something unique, but distinctly A-Trak/OBEY.

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