Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nike SB & Blueprint present Go Skateboarding Day

In honour of Go Skateboarding Day on the 21st June, Nike SB have teamed up with Blueprint Skateboards, Made For Skate and The Side Effects Of Urethane to bring you three exhibitions that delve deep into the culture of skateboarding.

To kick off the event, Nike unveiled their new shoe, made in collaboration with the illustrious Blueprint. This was followed by an in-depth look at Britain’s chief skateboarding company.

Made For Skate offered an exploration into the history and cultural context of skateboard footwear (they had a pair of Airwalks which were my first pair of "proper" skate shoes!) Where as the tight moving units, TSEOU offered their new skateable sculptures to the perusing eye of curiosity.

If your in Brick Lane, London E1 at any point over the next few days go and see it for yourself.

Thanks to Henry for the Tee!

Check out Mischief team rider Scott Palmer featured in the exhibition above!

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