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WrongWroks at

100% cotton, round neck T-Shirt featuring a 1 colour screen featuring Paris Hilton.

Love Her, Or Hate Her!!

WrongWroks finally Lands in the UK at FUSShop, Selling out all over the World.

Made in Strictly Limited Editions, don't sleep in on this one, it won't be around for long.

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Nike Guitar

Nike’s resident creative genius MARK SMITH has gotten wild with the laser machine again and created this incredible six stringed masterpiece. Featuring intricate laser-etched patterning across the entire face of the Spanish-style acoustic, he’s managed to make wood look like hand-tooled leather. Technology is a beautiful thing…

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jason Schwartzman's Coconut Records, 'West Coast' - Gonz Video

Jason Schwartzman (of 'Rushmore' and Phantom Planet fame) just released a solo album under the alias Coconut Records called 'Nighttiming.' For the disc's first video, 'West Coast,' Schwartzman tapped his pal Cheryl Dunn for directorial duties and pro-skater Mark Gonzales as the subject. Since Schwartzman is currently off shooting the Ben Stiller film 'The Marc Pease Experience,' Gonzales crafted the video with rare skateboarding footage from an exhibit in Germany.

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Mischief Northallerton Clip

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The Newest Arrival in the FUSShop is UARM.

Urban Arts Research and Marketing (UARM) was founded in 2003 in order to provide young artists with opportunities outside of the traditional art market. This collection encompasses the ultra-modern icons and the skate-gonzo drawings of Mark Gonzales, the cartoonish images of Todd James aka REAS, and the most recent newcomer to tag the streets of New York, NECK FACE.

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New Blueprint Tees at Mischief

Obey DJ A-Trak Mix CD at

I mentioned this a while back - Now it's available at for just £12.00

They are very limited so get one while you still can!

Music is a huge influence in the design and overall aesthetic of OBEY Giant and Obey Clothing since it's inception in 1989. OBEY has now released it's fourth mixtape installment featuring DJ A-Trak, 5 time DMC World champion and currently Kanye West's tour DJ. With this launch, OBEY's mixtape series continue to build it's own musical catalog with tastemakers around the world.

A-Trak was already familiar with OBEY's mixtape series, so when he told prolific street artist Shepard Fairey about a new project he had started, which was a collection of remixes, blending new electro tracks with crunk/rap acapellas and added production, it felt like the perfect fit. When Shepard heard A-Trak's concept, it seemed like a great opportunity to mix up a couple of visual styles in the same spirit as the music. Shepard pulled from A-Trak's love of subversive animals and poppy colours and mixed it with an electro/disco version of his iconic OBEY aesthetics. The result is something unique, but distinctly A-Trak/OBEY.

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This print from Banksy went on sale last week and sold out in less than an hour! Some of the lucky 300 who bought the signed sepia edition are already getting rich from the very people it is mocking. So, buy for £600.00 and sell for...

Keep an eye on these!
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The Hundreds Parra Tees at FUSShop

The Hundreds is HUGE. Sold in limited quantities in the world's most prestigious streetwear boutiques and has been recognised and featured by the industry's leading publications, such as The New York Times Magazine, Warp Japan, Complex Magazine, Streetwear Today & Beinghunted. Now in Stock is the best of the Spring/Summer Collection, including collaboration with Amsterdam Based Graphic Designer of Rockwell Fame, Parra...

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Evel Knievel?