Saturday, October 04, 2008

Urban Abstract in Amsterdam

Urban Abstract in Amsterdam -
The work of Evan Hecox Brought to you by Mather Kunst and Reload Magazine

Urban Abstract in Amsterdam, Evan Hecox’s debut solo show in Amsterdam, is a continued exploration of ur- ban landscapes in locales as disparate as Berlin; Mexico City; Manatuk, Long Island; Tokyo; and of course, San Francisco. Though largely known for his work in the Skateboard industry, his fine art is independently brilliant and moves beyond the iconography of the industry. His extremely flattened landscapes amplify elements of pedestrian and sometimes mundane landscapes, elevating the ordinary to the sublime through form, color, and composition. Some will only recognize his work from the hundreds of skateboard decks he has designed. Those who have followed his work will have the chance to witness this mid-career work as it continually evolves.


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