Thursday, February 11, 2010

Apple TV

Has anyone got Apple TV? Would you recommend?


astroblastro said...

I have one and do not recommend. It's good though if you have a big iTunes movie/TV library. I don't and will occasionally use it to rent iTunes movies and watch YouTube videos.

AndrewPlus2 said...

I've got one Baz. I was hoping to use its capacity to dump loads of files onto it to free up my laptop, but it works in a similar way to an ipod where it only syncs. It's still a nice product and I've used ATV hacks to give it a bit more oomph in terms of being able to play all video formats - not just the native mp4. But that can be hit and miss.

Barrie Bloor said...

Sounds good Andy, thanks for that! It's my birthday soon, maybe I'll pick one up.